Theresianer beverage partner in the new adventure of Alessandro Borghese

The new bistro at Padel Palace Milano opens on Saturday, March 23.

One year after the opening of the Padel Palace, ABKS Break Time, the new bistro signed by chef Alessandro Borghese that completes the indoor facility dedicated to padel enthusiasts, making it a real magnet for sportsmen and lovers of good food in the Milanese capital, opens on March 23.

Theresianer is the beverage partner of this new gastronomic adventure with a high concentration of sportsmanship. A selection of Theresianer beers on tap will from now on accompany the gourmet delicacies served in the bistro adjacent to the fields, for moments between conviviality and competitiveness.

Chef Alessandro Borghese, a Padel Palace partner along with Diletta Leotta, Gabriele Corsi, Max Giusti and Umberto Chiaramonte, says, “We thought of offering the padel players who frequent the center a tasty and dynamic cuisine proposal, in line with the context and the needs of those who have spent a lot of energy on the courts. That’s why in our contemporary bistro you can find simple but substantial dishes prepared with quality ingredients. Along with my dishes there will also be proposals from my friend Joe Bastianich.”

Relaxation, ensured by comfortable seating and sofas, will also be able to count on the liveliness of the Theresianer beers already on tap: Premium Lager, the blonde par excellence, delicately sweet, soft and balanced, and the intense IPA characterized by pronounced but balanced bitterness, accompanied by an explosive aroma of citrus and flowers.

Partner for the toast that will accompany the inaugural evening is also Champagne Martin Orsyn with the intensity and class of Premier Cru Grande Réserve, a refined expression of the bubbly par excellence, here in a completely original and contemporary key.

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