Verona – Madonna della Corona, the sanctuary set into the rock

Approaching the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona means treating oneself to a dreamlike, albeit strenuous, panoramic walk. A sometimes tough experience, rewarded by the splendour of the place.

Sanctuary Madonna della Corona, popular travel destination in Nothern Italy

Very often people go in search of beauty outside the Italian borders, almost ignoring the constant capacity to amaze of our country. With careful research, it is always possible to discover new places that have the unbelievable. Just think of the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona.
To admire it, one must go to Ferrara di Monte Baldo, in the province of Verona, to Spiazzi to be precise; you can also reach the area by participating in one of the convenient tours departing from Verona that can be booked online here. In this silent place surrounded by nature, stands one of the most impressive structures in Italy, which gives the impression of being suspended in the air. Embedded in the rock, it almost seems to be a natural work of art, born of the earth.
The rock face encircles the terrace, from which it is possible to admire the sheer drop, 775 metres above sea level, over the valley. Every year thousands of pilgrims come to the Sanctuary, as well as many tourists, both Italian and foreign. To reach its entrance gates, it is necessary to pass through a specific, decidedly panoramic path. It is called the Sentiero della Speranza (Path of Hope) and starts in the village of Brentino Belluno.

From here you reach a rather long flight of steps, after which the splendid historic building appears. While in the past only pilgrims and devotees used to walk the path, the number of tourists has been increasing year by year, as mentioned. Many indulge in long walks or trekking sessions, taking advantage of the wonderful 2.5 kilometres to reach the Sanctuary.
An ordeal not for everyone, however, considering how it starts with a flight of steps and then continues on a path with a height difference of about 600 metres. However, there are some particularly scenic places to stop. The first of these is La Croce, a spacious terrace with a breathtaking view.

You then continue towards Monte Baldo, tackling a zigzag staircase, and then perhaps stop at the Grotta della Pietà, a characteristic hut. If you have come this far, all that is left is the last part of the Sentiero della Speranza (Path of Hope), which requires crossing the splendid Tiglio bridge, made entirely of stone. Past this, there is the access stairway.

Walking the entire path leads the tourist, like the pilgrim, to feel within himself that he has truly deserved access to the Sanctuary and its beautiful landscape. For the lazy ones, however, you can always use your car, parking it on the street 500 metres away.

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