Vicenza, the city of Palladio

Vicenza is one of the pearls of the Veneto region. The famous architect Andrea Palladio designed and built most of his masterpieces here, so much so that today the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In short, Vicenza is waiting to be discovered and is particularly suitable for art-loving visitors. Those entering its historic centre for the first time will be enchanted by the magnificence of the Palladian Basilica, which dominates Piazza dei Signori. All around are the period palaces, also a legacy of Renaissance genius.

Different styles characterise the city, ranging from Romanesque to Baroque to Neoclassical: the architecture enthusiast can embark on a true immersion among the artistic beauties. Starting with the Teatro Olimpico, the first example of a permanent indoor theatre of the modern era, or the Villa Capra known as ‘La Rotonda’, a short walk from the city, a landmark icon of Palladio’s entire oeuvre. The attractions to see are however many: the choice is yours!

If you want to intersperse your cultural visits with a few moments of relaxation, Vicenza offers numerous parks, some even historical ones such as Campo Marzo and the Salvi Gardens. Querini Park, famous for its tree-lined avenue leading to a small temple in the middle of greenery, is instead ideal for joggers.


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