Vintage Venice

Vintage Venice

On the day of the unforgettable PINK FLOYD concert, Piazza SAN MARCO was already full at 9am.

Brian de Palma and Sigourney Weaver in 1991 during the CINEMA SHOW.

Raoul Gardini with the lawyer Gianni Agnelli during the presentation of the MORO DI VENEZIA attacked by photographers.

King Hussein and Noor of Jordan at Palazzo Labia.

Walter Chiari and Valeria Golino with Carlo Delle Piane at the VENICE CINEMA EXHIBITION.

David Gillmoure (PInk Floyd) at the press conference. A “smoothie” of the years spent following the CHRONICLE of VENICE, the Serenissima, which has always been a destination for artists from all over and political figures, kings, queens. (photo copyright pio dal cin)

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