Vittorio Veneto: city of art, music and wine

Protected by gentle hills and furrowed by the tranquil waters of the Meschio river, Vittorio Veneto lies on the slopes of the Treviso Pre-Alps. This town was born from the fusion of the two centres of Ceneda and Serravalle, and walking through its streets the two souls emerge clearly in the urban layout and historical buildings.

The old quarter of Serravalle is characterised by the Loggia della Comunità, now the Cenedese Museum, and the bell tower adorned with one of the oldest clock faces in Italy and Europe.

The sacred places retain a special charm, including the Cathedral of S. Maria Nuova, which houses an altarpiece by Titian. On the summit of Mount Marcantone stands the Sanctuary of Santa Augusta, accessible via the monumental staircase of Via Calcada.

Ceneda, on the other hand, develops around Piazza Papa Giovanni Paolo I with its grandiose Cathedral and the Loggia del Cenedese. From the square you can climb up to the Castle of San Martino, today the residence of the bishop’s curia, from which you can admire a breathtaking view. Lorenzo Da Ponte, Mozart’s famous poet and librettist, was born in Ceneda.

Vittorio Veneto is located in the middle of the Prosecco Superiore DOCG production area, so remember to make a few stops at one of the many wineries along the Strada del Prosecco e dei Colli Conegliano e Valdobbiadene (Prosecco and Colli Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Wine Road) and taste a glass of the world’s most famous bubbly!


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