“Haus Cups – Other Renaissance” – conference program 2024

The Hausbrandt Foundation presents the “Haus Cups – Cups of Hausbrandt Culture” conference program for 2024, under the scientific direction of Dr. Flavia Buzzetta. These seminar series host scholars from renowned Italian and foreign universities to explore topics related to the Foundation’s projects. This year’s program focuses on the theme “Other Renaissance,” with the aim of offering the public tastings of unusual but crucial knowledge for the history of European thought.

The first lecture, scheduled for April 19, 2024, features Antonino Bondì of the University of Catania with “In Praise of Secrecy” and Martina Pastorelli, a journalist, with “In Defense of the Freedom to Inform and the Right to Know.”

Subsequent lectures include talks by experts such as Alberto Ottolenghi of the London School of Economics, Nasser Rabbat of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Giuseppe Veltri of the University of Hamburg, who will explore topics ranging from Leonardo’s last will and testament to concepts of history and poetry in seventeenth-century Jewish Venice.

Each lecture follows the Haus Cups format, with a presentation by science director Flavia Buzzetta and an introduction by Hausbrandt Foundation president Martino Zanetti, followed by the lecture sessions.

Free admission subject to availability

For information: info@fondazionehausbrandt.com


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