Above the lands of Prosecco

Above the lands of Prosecco

Above the lands of Prosecco
Itineraries of Cesare Biadene

Here is a pleasant hike at a relatively low altitude, suitable for winter or early spring, which features easy routes and well-practicable terrain. We start from the central car park of Guia, a hamlet of Valdobbiadene, just over 300 meters above sea level, surrounded by dense vineyards and prosecco-producing farms.

This already puts us in a good mood as we go up the village towards Borgo Val, where the Madean wood begins. After crossing the village, we always continue straight up the pleasant valley, with a regular pace on a comfortable cemented road, amidst deciduous vegetation.

Along the way two icons, a plaque for a partisan, finally a capital that is almost at the end of this stretch: we continue without deviating until we arrive at a clearing, where the number 1015 appears. At this point we have climbed three hundred meters and we are in Caldane. Following the sign, after a few minutes of climbing on the bottom of the Val del Pavaron, the path turns and climbs up the coast.
To say that it climbs is not correct, because it describes geometric bends while the forest, especially in autumn-winter, has rusty colors and the bizarre-shaped boulders give the environment a witch-like aura, in absolute silence. The climb is a real pleasure for the legs. After 800 meters you have to turn left to avoid a large fallen beech, and higher up the itinerary remains at high altitude on the Rabosa coast, eventually crossing a cemented service road. We follow this to the left, we pass under a house with a large tree, we walk on the concrete up to a deviation to the right, not very visible but marked by the arrow 1015. Now we are on an old disused forest road, which with little slope makes us pass an artifact cement for water; at the last bend to the right, on a tree we see, although close to the usual white red sign, an arrow indicating to go down to the left. If we go up again, finally at an altitude of about 1100 the road comes out on the meadows, where, in the event of a nice day, a vast panorama opens up. So far, about 800 meters in altitude. After passing a small casera, we could go up towards the passable road that goes from Pianezze to Posa Puner, and after crossing the latter we could still reach cas. Zimion and finally Malga Mariech, on the ridge at an altitude of 1526. However, this variant, reserved for the most trained, is not part of our tour. At most, if the sun is shining, we can take a restful break on the grass, but then we have to go back for a few minutes, up to the aforementioned arrow, where, with a short descent, we take a magnificent and comfortable forest road (1013) which remains at high altitude. and allows you to always have a beautiful view of the hills and the plain. We pass a fresh source of water that flows from a grottina, and in half an hour we arrive at Pian de Farnè (at 908 meters), a place known and frequented since the times of ancient haymaking, where a picnic area with tables and benches is located in front of a small lake, near a chapel dedicated to S. Maurizio. For the return you have to pay attention to the path, which is not well marked. Certainly it is essential to bring – and know how to interpret – a map in a 30 or 25 thousand scale.

From the equipped area you have to go eastwards along the coast (in theory sent. 1015) towards the pastures and the first casere, then go down on the lawn, identifying the trace of a mule track which after 100 meters goes right into the trees.
Immediately at a crossroads there is a red and white sign for which you must turn left at an acute angle, and then continue for 200 meters on the wide mule track, until you see, after another sign on an electricity pole, a path five meters below.
Take it to go down to the left and in a few minutes you will arrive at the Carpanè casere. With a wider and more relaxing forest road you pass right under the casere; follow all the hairpin bends in the woods full of chestnut trees and cross an interesting ruined mini-village; so you return to the initial concrete road, at the height of the capital. Since the trip takes place mainly in the woods – and in solitary and silent places, apart from the Pian de Farnè reachable by car – it can also be done in the warm season. In this case it is recommended to put a fresh prosecco in the bag to stay in tune with the environment!

Article taken from www.marcaaperta.it

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