Giorgione’s Villas

Giorgione's Villas

The Villas of Giorgione, seven ‘stars’ to be rediscovered
The Palladian residences between Asolo and Castelfranco are involved

A new tourist itinerary of rare suggestion in the lands of Giorgione.

There are seven Venetian villas, all immersed in the territory between Asolo and Castelfranco, the stages of the new exclusive ‘Le Ville del Giorgione’ itinerary. The project stems from the desire to promote not only the city of Giorgione in the symbolic places (Theater, Cathedral, Museum) but above all the wonderful area of ​​Venetian villas in the surroundings, with the possibility of circuit visits.

Here then is Villa Corner della Regina (Cavasagra di Vedelago), Ca ‘Amata (Castelfranco Veneto), Ca’ Marcello (Levada di Piombino Dese), Villa Cornaro (Piombino Dese), Villa Barbaro (Maser), Villa Emo (Fanzolo), Villa Corner-Chiminelli (S. Andrea OM of Castelfranco Veneto), which become the ideal stages of a multisensory journey through history, art, taste.

The Villas of Giorgione: seven Palladian and post-Palladian villas (three of them are Unesco heritage) which are an incomparable corollary to the City of Giorgione, all living, inhabited and practically all open to visitors. Seven ‘Stars’ that revolve around the City of Giorgione, an ideal destination for excursions, long weekends, dedicated to art, landscape, history and comforted by the other excellences of the territory, namely the gastronomic nuggets (radicchio, mushrooms, asparagus and anything else) that can be found in the Terre di Giorgione and entice the curious tourist. But this is not enough to describe the extraordinary opportunities that the visitor can find in the surroundings starting from Asolo, the city of a hundred horizons, which is a stone’s throw away, up there towards the Prosecco hills.

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