On horseback or by bike, the Marca trails

On horseback or by bike, the Marca trails

On horseback or by bike, the Marca trails
The four Treviso routes

Four ring paths to be covered on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback, four adventures in nature among the bochi, plains and peaks of the Treviso foothills. Four pieces of a great tourist route that stretches from Veronese to Bellunese following in the footsteps of the long E7, the European path that from Portugal reaches Romania, touching the Marca Trevigiana.

The project.
The idea was born in 2015 and has now materialized with the regional resolution that approved the first phase of the great project of the “Ippovie”, trails to ride on horseback but open to all hikers, including lovers of off-road cycling. . A year ago the Region had asked all the territorial tourist promotion associations to indicate which routes could be equipped and equipped along the E7 and after a year of evaluations and selections, at the end it approved the map. It includes 12 rings, each with its own peculiarity. Five of these are located in the 122 kilometers of the European route between the provinces of Treviso and Belluno, four are for the most part from Treviso.

The sacred mountain and the huts.
It is an itinerary to discover the lesser known places of Grappa and its tables. It can be taken either from the E7 path in Col delle Farine or near the shrine, otherwise from Campocroce. It widens over the Grappa, drawing a circle that meets the Locanda Campocroce, the Ristoro Valrossa, the Agritur De Lucchi, Malga Moda, Malga Pat, Malga Cason Vecio and the Ristoro Baita Camol. 23 kilometers mostly in the municipality of Borso del Grappa for a good 4 hours of walking (on foot).

Cesen and the peaks.
It is a route «in the suggestive panorama of the Feltre peaks to the north and the Venice lagoon to the south». Six hours of travel and almost thirty kilometers of easy trekking that start from Pianezze and go around the valley to the north until you reach the slopes where Malga Doc is wedged between Vas and Segusino. Along the way there are five refreshment points, sources and dirt roads.

Visentin and its flavors.
A route that “starts from Valmorel in the municipality of Limana and develops along the ridge with breathtaking views of the Treviso side to the south and the Belluno side to the north” explains the map. Meet the 5th Alpine Artillery Refuge, and not only that; difficult for mountain biking, less on horseback, easy on foot (if however equipped). Six and a half hours, 33 km that also cross the twenty-second stage of the Venice-Munich route.

The woods of the Serenissima.
Could not miss the Cansiglio, its forests of spruce and centuries-old beeches. The route starts in the locality of Le Rotte, crosses the plain at the height of the Monument to the Resistance and climbs up through pastures and woods to Valmenera. From there, skirting the Reserve it continues to Campon and returns to the pastures of the plain passing through the Zanardo Museum. Five hours of walking accessible to all, to admire the colors of a nature that attracts many hikers every year.

Now the signs.
Once the twelve Venetian routes have been identified, the laying of signs will now begin to guide hikers along the route, indicating not only the way to follow but also the possibilities for refreshment, accommodation (even for horses) and the naturalistic characteristics of the territory.

Then the advertising.
The last stage of the regional plan is advertising, a lot and also in many languages ​​to promote bridleways and trekking along their routes at all levels and to various tourists. Could this also serve to stimulate other local activities such as horse farms for excursions, bike rentals or other? The hope, of course, is to create induced.

article by Federico de Wolanski of 11 November 2016 taken from www.latribuna.it

At the top left the path of the Grappa. To follow clockwise:
the Cesen path, that of Col Visentin and Cansiglio. Path E7 in red

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