Prosecco ring, a 15km ‘pedestrian’ route

Prosecco ring, a 15km 'pedestrian' route

Prosecco ring, a 15km ‘pedestrian’ route
Walking among vineyards, farmhouses and cellars along the Prosecco Superiore Ring is finally possible. In fact, the path that leads tourists and visitors to get to know the land of the most famous Italian bubbles in the world has come to an end.

Inaugurated at the beginning of April on the occasion of the Valdobbiadene Docg Exhibition in San Pietro di Barbozza, the route winds between the “banks” of the Valdobbiadene hamlets of San Pietro and Santo Stefano, compressed between the nervous valleys of the Molera valley, lapping the soft hills to the east roughness of Guia, crossroads between the Madean wood and the Soligo valley.

The center of gravity of the Ring is the Colle delle Bastie, where the “golden pentagon” of Cartizze (106 hectares which, due to the mineral complexity of the soil and the microclimate, transform the clusters into a “unicum”) dominates the entire scenario below, enchanting eyes and heart.

The departure from the square of San Pietro di Barbozza marks the start of a journey of about 15 kilometers in total in constant ups and downs among the vineyards, on paths, sheep tracks and some short strips of asphalt. The route is marked with wrought iron columns that mark the passage without disturbing the delicate fabric of the landscape.

From the top of the Cartizze, then, there is also the Salvaparole, an educational segment consisting of 15 installations.

article by Gianluca Renosto for of 16 April 2016

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